DT 1034: Grocery store

Infesting a supermarket near you. (Image courtesy of a friend.)

1034 Peter B

DT 1033: Fox 29 (Philly)

This should have been proofread severl more times.

1033 Fox 29

DT 1032: CBS 3 (Philly)

We should also fight the opioid-misspelling epidemic (cf. DT 1003).

1032 CBS3

DT 1031: Yahoo News

Cannes Film Festival meets “Can’t Spell” Festival.

1031 Yahoo News

DT 1030: 6ABC (Philly)

Error in the numbers? No – in the words. (“Can” should be “can’t.”)

1030 6ABC

DT 1029: Chinese restaurant

My hypothesis: a customer said this dish was too salty, so they removed Na.

1029 Chinese restaurant

DT 1028: CBS 3 (Philly)

Your spelling is a bit “loose.”

1028 CBS3

DT 1027: Fox 29 (Philly)

Verbs must correctly conjugated.

1027 Fox 29

DT 1026: 6 ABC (Philly)

How chemisty _is_ it? (Yes, that should say “chemistry.”)

1026 6ABC


DT 1025: Associated Press

Incorrectly pluralizing one word gives this ugly story an even worse appearance.

1025 AP