DT 1007: Phila. Inquirer

I’m “givng” you a better idea – proofread carefully.

1007 Inquirer

DT 1006: Fox 29 (Philly)

Is that what happens when it rains cats and dogs? (Think I’ll stay indoors.)

1006 Fox 29

DT 1005: CBS 3 (Philly)

I could probably publish an its/it’s error every day.

1005 CBS 3

DT 1004: Business Standard (India)

Speaking of English not being a first language ….

1004 Business Standard

DT 1003: NBC

That’s an “od” spelling.

1003 Today show

DT 1002: 6 ABC (Philly)

I didn’t even know Ma was missing.

1002 6ABC

DT 1001: AP

Which guild did the wreath belong to? #gilded

1001 AP

DT 1000: WHYY (Delaware bureau)

This copy editor should be “uneligible” to write headlines.

1000 WHYY

DT 999: 6 ABC (Philly)

If all you have is a degree mark, everything looks like a temperature.

999 6ABC

DT 998: Restaurant receipt

If you use language accurately, you are my hreo.

998 restaurant menu