DT 914: Fox 29 (Philly)

Couldn’t they just quietly withdraw it instead of killing it? #offer

914 Fox 29

DT 913 (Inauguration Edition): News Journal (Wilmington, DE)

There have been no other ladies-to-be – she’s the first? #HyphenationFail

913 News Journal

DT 912: CBS News

Sometimes an acronym needs periods for clarity (“Outside it”?).

912 CBS News

DT 911: 6 ABC (Philly)

All that pressure squeezed a letter right out.

911 6ABC

DT 910: Fox 29 (Philly)

Any particular unit? Seconds? Kilograms? Parsecs?

910 Fox 29

DT 909: Indian restaurant menu (part 2)

Is this related to a term for a male chicken?

909a India Grille

DT 908: Indian restaurant menu

Doesn’t sound very juicy. (Autocorrect strikes again?)

908 India Grille

DT 907: Today Show

Hyphenation Mystery Unsolved

907 Today

DT 906: 6 ABC (Philly)


906 6ABC

DT 905: InterMat

Does that extra memory make it run faster? (The word you want isĀ “cachet.”)

905 Intermat