DT 978: 6 ABC (Philly)

Silly to¬†botch a big city’s name – especially if it’s the city you’re in.

978 6 ABC

DT 977: Fox 29 (Philly)

Looks like they swiped the G.

977b Fox 29


DT 976: Arby’s

You’re “mixed” up about what type of apostrophe should go there.

976 Arby's

DT 975: Yahoo / People

I’d like to barre singular/plural mismatches.

975 Yahoo - People

DT 974: PHL 17 (Philly)

People of Deptford – where has your T gone?

974 PHL17

DT 973: TiVo

The real mystery is “Who stole your proofreader?”

973 TiVo

DT 972: Yahoo Finance

That’s an unusual claim. (Someone left “by” out of the quotation.)

972 Yahoo Finance

DT 971: Ad on Facebook

Why not offer _all_ of them?

971 Ad on Facebook

DT 970: Electrical contractor

How do you “prevent a tie” – by having an overtime period?

970b preventatie

DT 969: Phila. Inquirer

Is that like a singing telegram?

969 Inquirer