DT 944: Huffington Post UK

Was there a shortage of spelling teachers when this writer was in school?

944 Huffington Post UK

DT 943: Zits comic

How many young readers will get this [misspelled] reference to a classic singing cowboy?

943 Zits

DT 942: Mattress Warehouse

It will fit you to a [surplus] t!

942 Mattress Warehouse

DT 941: AP / USA Today

Readers wait conjunction to appear.

941 USA Today

DT 940: Restaurant sign

Looks more like “A Day Without Spellcheck.”

940 Day Without Immigrants


DT 939: Campus PD (Spike)

You should engauge a new copy editor.

939 Campus PD

DT 938: NBC 10 (Philly)

Doesn’t this sound like a financial scandal?

938b NBC 10


DT 937: CNN

Then shouldn’t it be “The Trump”? (Speaking of awkward ….)

937 CNN

DT 936: NBC 10 (Philly)

Speaking of things that are missing ….

936 NBC 10

DT 935: News Journal (Wilmington, DE)

The Case of the Underwater Underwear?

935 News Journal