DT 770: Drink stand at mall

Some bananas are longer than others.

770 Drink stand

DT 769: ABC News

Is that like “Professor of Engineering”?

769 ABC news

DT 768: Comcast SportsNet

Was this snuck in as a subliminal message?

768 Comcast SportsNet

DT 767: Triathlon listing

You can “tri” to find a difference between them, but I doubt you can “du” it.

767 Bethany Beach Triathlon

DT 766: NBC 10 (Philly)

Isn’t WNBA MVP Elena Delle Donne enough of a household name by now?

766 NBC 10

DT 765: Fox 29 (Philly)

I before E except … what was that exception again?

765 Fox 29

DT 764: News Journal (Wilmington, DE)

This error survived all fazes of the proofreading process.

764 News Journal

DT 763: Phila. Inquirer

One more hyphen would show that the law is against boycotts, not against Israel.

763 Inquirer

DT 762: U-Haul

Can you gauge the correctness of that spelling?

762 UHaul


So was your proofreader.